How to prove

Requirements: It is not terribly hard to get good conditions for a test. Just gather, a space free of odor, with good light, preferably natural, and a good glass transparent, colorless and drawings.

The tester must be in good health and be resting, relaxed and focused.

Phases of proof

1. Visual Examination - Note the wine, using a good light against a white surface. You should now see the color, clarity and effervescence - the Aspect.

2. Aroma - Smell the cup without shaking and memorize the aromas, then make a flurry of wine, and make new visual examination on the go with the wine, smell the wine again and record the sensations that it transmits (intensity, quality and types of flavors). Try to find a set of Smells and relate them to known substances.
3. Flavor - Put in the mouth a reasonable amount of wine (not too much). Roll the wine gently through the mouth in order to reach the taste buds so uniforme.Inspire mouth, making the wine through the air and exhale through the nose. The aromas are detected in this way the aroma of mouth. Pay attention to astringency, acidity, alcohol and overall impression. Note also the persistence of wine (that time still feel in the mouth after having it out.)

4. Final Assessment - In this final assessment must take into account the appearance, aroma, and overall impression saborr, making his reckoning.

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